Health Wellness Synergy

Project Details

At HWS Wellness Center in Fort Lee New Jersey, our mental health clinic treats patients, not by a single specialist, but by a team of licensed mental health specialty providers that attend to your unique needs. Including both traditional outpatient psychiatry and interventional treatments, our expert staff develops personalized treatment plans that may include a combination of services.



Project: Website Development + Digital Marketing

Date: 2022-Present


The Brief

HWS has been around for decades, but it never had any online presence. Eventually, they approached us to migrate their website (Which was still in the development stage) away from their current team, because they were not happy with their performance and the time it has taken to build their website. Their original contract stated that they would have the website done in 3 months and had to pay 100% upfront with no refund available after the project started.

When we came on board, they already had a functioning demo, but their current developer refused to provide any access to the website’s back end to allow us to migrate the website easily, despite the fact that they have been paid 100% upfront. 


The Results

The website state was ok, but there have been some unfinished pages and broken links all over, so we had to fix those while migrating the content, on top of this the client has asked us to create multiple new pages, re-draw their logo to a new one as the old developer did not want to release their old domain, and create new functionality for the website in terms of login/register forms, client dashboard and appointment system for their clients.

Obviously we also optimised their website to meet the highest standards and improved their SEO optimisation while doing the migration.

Stay tuned for future updates…