Tema Therapy

Project Details

Tema Therapy is a multi-lingual Center created to serve the various needs of people and families who consider being multi-cultural or multi-lingual as a part of their identity. The founder of this facility, Dr. Irina Volynsky, had multiple experiences of being asked to evaluate children and adults whose native language was not English, who were misdiagnosed, and were not receiving appropriate help.

Client: tematherapy.com

Project: Website Development + Digital Marketing

Date: 2023-Present

Logo Design

Tema Therapy already had a website and a logo when they came on board with Invisio Solutions. We have re-designed their website and logo to meet industry standards and to make sure it stands out!

New Logo

Tema Logo Design Final Version

Old Logo

Colour Pallet

Colour Pallet Pets on point 1



Landing Page Design

Tema Therapy which is a therapist clinic based in New Jersey USA, first requested for Invisio Solutions to make a landing page for them to run Google and Facebook ads, to drive leads for their clinic’s therapy appointments.

So we created a fresh design for them, built a WordPress website, connected live chat to it and started driving leads through google and facebook ads.

Website Design

Once the landing page provided results they realised they wanted their whole website re-done as well as their logo. so we set out to re-brand them completely and after the final design were approved we have re-build their website from the ground up using the latest Word Press technologies and methods.

Branding Colours

Union 9
Tema Before Tema After 1

The Result

We think the final results speak for themselves, their new logo and website are definitely a huge improvement and it allowed us and our advertising efforts to bring them new leads and appointments

Website Speed

Their website speed was already very good, but we managed to improve this even more.

Union 9
Tema Webpage Speed old Landing page speed score
Tema google ads

Ads Results

You can see the current results for the month of August they received 17 conversions just from Google alone, and many have converted and signed up for many sessions, lets’s keep in mind that a session on average costs $250-$350 depending on the therapist.

What Our Client Says About Us

Very pleased with the work of this company! They corrected unfair work of other developers at a very reasonable price, very fast and of high quality! They work on conscience:) Huge thanks!!!

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