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“With our team of experts who possess a sharp eye for content and robust analytical skills, paid social media marketing proves to be an impactful strategy for both establishing a brand from scratch and enhancing existing above-the-line campaigns. We excel in crafting social-first content that not only resonates with your target audience but also delivers quantifiable outcomes

Social media has advanced well beyond mere clicks and likes, as major platforms now provide robust e-commerce opportunities. Leveraging social media’s sophisticated targeting capabilities, we employ demographic, geographic, behavioral, and interest-based targeting in conjunction with lookalike audiences derived from first-party data to connect with potential customers on the platforms where they spend the most time.

We leverage our CRM and Pixel to craft retargeting strategies that maximize Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) while minimizing Cost Per Acquisition (CPA). These strategies are designed to dynamically retarget users based on their specific purchase behaviors.

Social Media Marketing Agency

 If there’s one channel that can really do it all, it’s Paid Social.

Its comprehensive range of functions spans from raising awareness to fostering consideration, boosting sales, and nurturing communities. Each of these phases has distinct goals, optimization criteria, and measurement metrics. With top-notch creative content, innovative formats, and precise targeting, there’s a wealth of topics for our team of specialists to passionately delve into!

Invisio Solutions is committed to providing ongoing consultation and achieving your objectives, whether they involve cost-per-lead, cost-per-acquisition, or cost-per-installation, our customized strategies will be tailored to maximize the commercial viability of your business.

With our extensive data and experience gained from managing numerous paid search campaigns, our primary objective is to consistently deliver a positive return on your marketing investment, aligning with your evolving business objectives to drive bottom-line growth.











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Paid Social Media Services

Channel Expertise

We understand how to target your customer base on all social media channels they engage with. We are proficient in Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Pinterest and more, and will provide you with cost-efficient results that are easy to track and measure. We’re a preferred partner of Facebook for running paid ads, being one of the few digital marketing agencies to have been awarded Facebook Preferred Partner status.

Ad Creation

Our expertise covers not only building campaigns and strategies optimised for search impressions, Google trends, brand awareness and ad recall, but also understanding exactly what your audiences are looking for. From carousels ads to grab their attention, emotive writing to make them to click, to striking images and powerful videos to catch their eye.

Data Driven

Using extensive audit tools we will analyse your ad account’s hygiene, behaviour, creativity and overall state. We are aware that a customer's purchasing journey is complicated, so by utilising the analysed data we can help you make informed decisions that are easily manageable. Data sets and their analysis are essential in our paid social methods, through analysis we can take optimise our ads ROI and lover cost conversation rate.

Video Marketing

We specialise in marketing video content across multiple social media environments. Our Paid Social creative team has extensive experience creating content and project strategies , which will provide you with the conversions you want. Our social media and ad campaigns, achieve excellent results increasing recognition, installs and interaction for any of your apps and products.


Not just conversions but also knowing which mediums generate the best results is crucial for success. conversion tracking is essential for revealing the performance of your investment and measuring the results you get. We allocate all related conversions to your paid social campaigns – direct or indirect, by examining your view-through and click-through rates using pixels on your site. Want to maximise performance?


Don't let social media draw your audience away from purchasing by remarketing to them while they’re going through their feeds. Import email lists and extend the longevity of your existing customers, or let us find your clientele and get through to new potential users with similar behaviour to your current customer base.


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