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Fiji Trailers is The Home Of Premium Hand-made Trailers.

Fiji Trailers specializes in working with restaurants, universities, corporations, government institutions, medical institutions, barber shops and event organizers and more.

branding colours

Fiji trailers branding colours

Website Design

Fiji Trailers has approached Invisio Solutions after they reviewed another trailer website made by us called Futuristo Trailers.

They asked us to create for them a trailer e-commerce website to sell their trailers across Europe. The main changes of this project were creating a complex shop and product functionality as well as translating the website into 5 languages.

The project took multiple months to complete, but once it was done, the results spoke for themselves.

Great looking website with all the requested functionality.


Layout design

The Result

Website optimisation was tricky for this project as it had a lot of Javascript and Bespoke work done to it, so combining and minifying every JS file was not possible.

Nonetheless, we have achieved a 1.1-second loading time and are only a few points short of the excellent website speed rating.

What Our Client Says About Us

Great professionalism and great results. I strongly recommend


Founder of Fiji Trailers

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