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Website Security

Why is it important?

With cyber-attacks becoming increasingly common, it’s important for businesses to take proactive measures to keep themselves and their customers safe.

Your website is your business’s storefront, and you need to keep it well-maintained and unflagged. We provide you with anything from essential security features like intrusion detection, firewalls and backup to protection from advanced attacks and hackers looking for easy targets. We are also experts in securing compromised websites and setting up state of the art protection against hackers, injections or script attacks.

Our range of services includes but not limited to:



WAF (Web Application Firewall) is a crucial component in keeping your website safe and secure from hackers.

Malware Sacnning

It is crucial to keep your website clean from any malware or exploits to avoid unhappy customers and blacklisting.

Off-Site Backups

Backups are crucial for any website, but many make the mistake of keep the files on the same server.

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Dedicated Security Services

Malware Removal

Think you been hacked or blacklisted? Maybe you just want to make sure you are safe? Get our team to run a quick scan and produce a comprehensive security/vulnerability report.


GDPR compliance is very important especially if you are running an e-commerce platform, we can offer professional advice and optimisation to make sure you are always compliant.


May website owners don't realise how important WAF is and then wonder how they got hacked. The truth is, without a firewall to filet out malicious visitors you can never sleep easy at night.

Security Audits

Having a security audit tool running on your website is crucial, not only to quickly find out if you been compromised but to also have a log file of all the actions and changes done by admins and users.

Off-Site Backups

Everyone knows how important it is to keep backups, but many still keep them on the same server as their website, we offer some of the best off-site backup solutions in the industry.

Security Consulting

Need some expert advise on how to keep your website safe? Worried you don't have the right level of protection? We are always here to help and guide you in the right direction.


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