Project Details

Estec is a team of engineers who combine science and technology to mass produce robotic and complex metal parts.
The are also focused around creating and testing of new technologies, in fields of
1. Robotics
2. UAV (Unmanned Arial vehicles)
3. Metal Casting Machines


Project: Website Development + Digital Marketing

Date: 2022

The Brief

Estec have contacted us to create a brand from scratch. Since they had so little in the way of prior branding materials, websites, or social media profiles, this was initially a difficult task. We began by touring their factory and learning about their operations and products.

We then create a logo that reflects their vision and a website design that stands out and strongly conveys what their company does.

The Results

Assembling a website is never easy, but with decades of experience that Invisio Solutions posses we had the job done in a matter of days and even had it translated to multiple languages. You can see the optimisation score their website achived on GTMetrix.

The client was very please and moved on to ordering business cards and PPC services from us to expand their business.


Stay tuned for future updates…