Project Details

Einklang is a natural wellness and healing centre that is run by German doctors in Bulgaria. Its main focus is to provide treatments in a range of:

TimeWaver / Bioresonance
Sound therapy
Osteopathy / Emmet Technique
General advice and much more


Client: Einklang

Project: Website Development 

Date: 2022 – Present

The Brief

Einklang translates to “Being one with sound, and nature”. Their request was to migrate their website away from their current hosting and the team that was managing it, as they were not happy with how the website turned out. We have started our journey with them by re-drawing the logo that the old team was using (Which was just an image from a stock image website) We then moved on to creating a brand new design for them and are now in the final process of design confirmation before we start building a brand new website.

Stay tuned for future updates…