Project Details

Einklang is a natural wellness and healing centre that is run by German doctors in Bulgaria. Its main focus is to provide treatments in a range of:

TimeWaver / Bioresonance
Sound therapy
Osteopathy / Emmet Technique
General advice and much more


Client: Einklang.art

Project: Website Development 

Date: 2022 – Present

Logo Design

Like many companies that come to Invisio Solutions, Einklang started from scratch. After a few meetings and carefully understanding the project, we started with a logo design and brand colours. They already had an idea what shape they wanted their logo to be, so they provided us with a source image.

Logo Sketches

Logo Variations

Colour Pallet

Colour Pallet


Typography 1

Final Design

The Brief

Einklang translates to “Being one with sound, and nature”. Their request was to migrate their website away from their current hosting and the team that was managing it, as they were not happy with how the website turned out. We have started our journey with them by re-drawing the logo that the old team was using (Which was just an image from a stock image website) We then moved on to creating a brand new design for them and then just after 2 revisions they have approved the design.

Branding Colours

Union 9

The Result

We assembled the main website core in 3 days’ time, but then the client decided to change their mind on a few aspects of the design as well as the content and wanted to expand the website by a number of pages. It took a further 2 weeks to assemble all the new content to create dozens of new pages, but we managed this with ease and the client is very pleased with the final version of their website.

We did not forget to optimise the website to hit top performance grades and chucked in SEO optimisation for the home page and all of the service pages for free.

Business Cards

Once the website was completed we have been asked to design their business cards, official document headers, receipts, etc..

Final Design


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