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Key Content Elements That Drive Engagement

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Scroll, Click, Buy: The Magic of eCommerce Landing Pages

BigCommerce defines an eCommerce landing page as a standalone web page created specifically for marketing purposes. Essentially, it’s a page where a visitor “lands” after clicking on a link, such as an advertisement on Google or a promotion in an email campaign.

The elements of an eCommerce landing page, as well as their order of appearance, significantly influence its performance and the customer’s buying experience. Successful landing pages typically include key elements that inform, reassure, and encourage conversions.

6  Key Elements of eCommerce Landing Pages:
  • High-quality images play a crucial role in informing visitors about the products or services offered.
  • Clear headlines and concise and compelling copy provide clear and engaging information.
  • Customer testimonials help build trust and credibility, reassuring potential customers.
  • Customer reviews offer social proof and further reinforce the reliability and quality of the products or services.
  • Strong Call to Action (CTA), such as limited offers or discounts, motivate and guide visitors to take immediate action.


Easy navigation and mobile responsiveness ensures a smooth user experience across all devices.

Why Use Landing Pages?

Unlike a homepage designed for exploration, an eCommerce landing page zeroes in on a single call to action, usually “Buy now,” guiding visitors smoothly down the sales funnel.

They offer several benefits:
  • Maximize the ROI for ads.
  • Perfect for A/B testing different strategies.
  • Customize content to different audience segments.
  • Agile and efficient, perfect for fast-paced eCommerce environments.


Agile Content Creation: Stay Ahead of the Game

Agile content development integrates IT, creative, and marketing teams to swiftly produce and refine content in an iterative manner. This approach prioritizes addressing real-time audience needs by frequently releasing content and continuously improving it through data and testing.

Data-driven content marketing uses customer insights from various sources like social media, web analytics and surveys, to create relevant and engaging content. This approach ensures that content is targeted to the right audience at the right time, enhancing visibility and conversion rates.

Short-form content marketing on social media combines concise text with digital assets to tell compelling stories, driving user actions like clicks and shares. This agile approach keeps content relevant and timely, aligning with rapid consumer consumption patterns.

Another key advantage of a data-driven content marketing strategy is the ability to measure the effectiveness of your content across various paid media channels. By tracking metrics such as views, downloads, shares, and reads, as well as the number of leads or sales generated, you can identify which content resonates most with your audience and which areas need improvement. This data-driven approach helps optimize content strategies for better engagement and conversion rates.

Data-driven content marketing


Key statistics in agile content creation:

  • According to Forrester, brands using agile content creation experience a 62% boost in customer engagement.
  • McKinsey reports that agile content creation results in marketing campaigns reaching the market 35% faster.
  • The State of Marketing Report indicates that 24% of marketers consider enhancing brand identity a primary goal in 2023.
  • HubSpot reveals that 40% of marketers find content creation to be a significant challenge.

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