Futuristo Trailers

Project Details

Futuristo Trailers is a trailer manufacturer based in Bulgaria. They produce high-end bespoke trailers for many industries including catering, beauty, office, etc… 

Client: Futuristotrailers.com

Project: Website Development, Digital Marketing & Social Media

Date: 2022 – Present

The Brief

We were approached by Futuristo Trailers to create 2 landing pages at first, but once we took a look at their website we realised this task will be much bigger than originally described.

Their website was slow,  they had many unused plugins that were not even updated, and the past developer did not activate their theme for them so they could not receive automatic updates.

Apart from this, a large portion of their theme functions were not functioning and they could not even change their logo without the website breaking apart.

Once we brought those issues to their attention, they agreed for us to re-build their theme from scratch, but to keep their current design. So we got to work and withing 2 days had their website fully re-built with our custom theme and website speed fully optimised.

2023 Design Refresh

Branding Colours

The Result

After our successful website rebuild, Futuristo Trailers hired us to run their Google ads as well as social media accounts and B2B cold email outreach which we managed with huge success! In 2023 they ordered a brand new fresh website design from us, and you can see in the picture above how it turned out.

SEO & Social Media

After many months of running their social media and Google ads, we can confidently say that this story is a success, we have grown their followers from 1000  to nearly 5000 at the time of writing this, post. Their Google ads have brought in many leads which converted to sales, and our cold email B2B campaign has attracted dealership requests from other countries.

Union 9

What Our Client Says About Us

Many thanks to the Invisio Solutions team for the work done! We got exactly what we wanted. Fast, high quality, good price!

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