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Crinoa is one of the leading property agents in Marbella, Spain. They specialise in top end property sales and rentals across the sunny sea coast of Spain.

The Brief

Crinoa has approached us to take their business to the next level, in this case create a website for their agency. This task sounds easy at first, but they had a very unique request which is to connect their website to existing property CRM systems to automatically download and update property portfolios on their website.

We started our journey by first advising them about their company name and domain, as this is a crucial part for any online business. After a quick change of their name we designed their logo and provided them website design options.

New Layout redesign 2024

The Result

Not long after we began our work, we had the script for property CRM sync ready, after which website was up in a matter of days.

Once the client was happy that all the required properties were on the website, they have proceeded with taking us on to do their google ads and social media.

Stay tunes for future updates…

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